Samantha boosts the growth of early stage Businesses by infusing the much needed Technology for part-payment and part-equity.

Our strategic technology guidance, structured 7-step roadmap, and solid platform development enable businesses to achieve success by adding flexibility, accessibility and richer functionality to their technology platforms.

The right technology investment, at the right time, will allow them to expand and scale their business, create efficiencies and increase profits. We partner with companies that are committed, engaged and dedicated, just like we are, to achieve success.

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Our philosophy is to support growing businesses and lifestyle businesses to fully realize their dreams and reap their rewards.


What we BELIEVE?

We believe every business hits a growth stunt. Technology can accelerate growth and create a positive differentiation for businesses.

What we OFFER?

We offer technology guidance and expertise for your business. We infuse the much needed software; we create / assemble gadgets and devices; we make databases; and if needed can create your IT team.


How we INVEST?

We do NOT give money or a loan. We invest by pouring the necessary technology into your business. We build tools that you need to make more revenue, expand your offering, or accelerate your growth.

How we DECIDE?

We decide based on how well established your business is, how passionate you are to grow it, how interested you are in staying and running the business, and the demand for your products or services in the marketplace.

Our Team

We have a visionary team who started with a single objective: "Support Good People; Grow Strong Businesses"

Master KPK

Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar has studied law and economy, a CA of repute with his own offices in India. He is a source of inspiration for self-transformation & social service.

Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar

Chairman & Founding BoD


Nagesh V. Anupindi

Nagesh architects simple pragmatic technology solutions for long lasting problems. He received his PhD from URI and Masters from IIT-Madras.

Dr. Nagesh Anupindi

CEO and Founding Partner


Dewey Hall

Anupama is a results-driven finance executive with 15+ years of experience driving growth and support for business that we invest in. She is a graduate of CA Institute, India.

Anupama Anupindi

Founding Parnter


Audra Palakodety

Audra leads business-planning strategies for Samantha to identify and take advantage of the technology market, IT industry, and software product opportunities.

Audra Palakodety

VP, Strategic Development



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